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Packing It Right

July 16, 2018 by Rita Neri Event Planners

Packing Right

I’ve seen it once too often. Destination brides getting stressed on or before their big day because of their bridal gown woes. Wrinkles, stains, fabric indentations or worse, a missing gown is definitely a “bridezilla” moment for even the easiest of brides. The culprit… not having packed the wedding gown wisely and correctly.

Let’s take it from the beginning. When purchasing and fitting your gown, get advice from the experts. This refers to the designer, salon or bridal shop you got your got from. Ask the correct and practical questions like following:

Does this material wrinkle easily?

Will you pack the gown for me?

Will the petticoats, train, corsets be packed separately?

Could you weigh the whole dress and whatever goes with it (important if you plan to fly to your destination)

Do they have any special stain removers just in case something of that nature happens?

What recommendations can they give in packing your gown?

Wrap it Up

If you are packing your wedding dress yourself, use a sturdy box large enough to hold the box. Too small box will have your gown looking like an accordion, too big and the gown will be moving around a lot. Either way, the result will be the same, WRINKLES!

Line the box with lots of white tissue (Japanese) paper, preferably cid free if you can source any. Next fold the gown so that the top faces up when you’re done. Add more tissue in between each folded layer for further protection. Make sure to stuff tissues to the bodice (top of your gown), sleeves, bows, etc. so that it will maintain its shape. To be on the safe side, put your gown in a garment bag before placing it inside the box. This will endure your gown stays dry if ever it is left outside and it rains.

Driving or Flying?

Whichever mode of transportation you are using to get your destination wedding, always have your dress with you. If this is not possible, leave it in the care of someone very responsible. Your mom, sister or maid of honor should do a good job of taking care that your gown gets there in good condition.

If driving, you can opt to put it in a garment bag (again don’t forget tissue papers) and then drape it flat across the back seat or trunk. Make sure no one throws their suitcase or hand carry on top of it.

If flying, check with the airlines on their policies regarding on board carry-on’s. I prefer NOT to check in the gown but for it to be with you on board and within sight. Some airlines will allow garment bags & some are alright with a suitably sized box. Most airlines will gladly give assistance when they know it’s a wedding gown.

Wrap it Out

Once at the destination, unwrap the gown and hang it up right away in a clean, dry space to let the wrinkles fall out. Unwrapping it at the last minute let’s the wrinkles set in plus the fabric does not get to “breathe”. This may result in funny fabric smells which could have been avoided.

Removing the wrinkles can either be done by a commercial dry cleaner or the hotel’s or resorts dry cleaners but do check if they have experience on this procedure.

If using a hand iron, set it on low heat and press the wrinkles on the wrong side of the fabric and work your way up.

If you prefer a portable hand steamer, wrap the head of the steamer in a towel to avoid water spotting sensitive fabrics.

Once you’re done, lay your wedding gown across your bed, carefully arranging any fold, pleats, etc. so your photographers can now start taking the pictures!

Fyi, the same thing applies to the groom’s attire. Remember that you both have to look picture perfect.


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