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Wedding 101: Bouquet

August 03, 2017 by Rita Neri Event Planners

Though there is no clear origin of the tradition of the bride carrying a bouquet, it was believed that brides would carry them to cover odor and to smell pretty on their special day, especially since back in the day (let’s say, the 1600s), people would bathe infrequently. They’d have their yearly baths on May and most would generally get married in June. Another belief was that bouquets were used to ward off evil spirits- these bouquets were made of pungent herbs, spices and even garlic! Now, in ancient times, a bride was considered very lucky on their wedding day which made guests tear off a piece of her dress to obtain a talisman of good luck. Since not all brides were comfortable with this tradition, some would think smart and instead would throw her garter and bouquet instead. It started in the 1700s when bouquets became more of an aesthetic and became prettier than the usual herbs, spices, and garlic; and through the years, flowers have been given meaning.


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